A Tribute to Mary

 Date last edited   02/17/2009

Mary passed away Thursday, 21 February 2008 at 6:30 AM.

A TOAST… TO MARY  by Monica

A poem from Mary's library (English)


A Song that touched Henry deeply

A pictorial tribute to Mary (scanned, edited and organized by Gooby)

Some Other Fotos of Mary with her Friends and Family

A movie of Mary's Dancing (large file - slow to load)

Low resolution movie (small file -quicker loading, but of low quality)

February 21st Posting

Obituaries and Article

Donations in memory of Mary in lieu of flowers

Viva la Fiesta ... (long live the Party)

Remembering the Spirit of Mary (photo 4x5) designed by Gooby

A New Painting

Agradecimientos  (Thanks)

Reflections by Monica

The Final Chapter

Mary's Bench at San Elijo Lagoon

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If you wish to refer to a history of Mary's illness click here.