If suddenly you do not exist,

if suddenly you are not living,

I shall go on living.


I do not dare,

I do not dare to write it,

if you die.


I shall go on living.


Because where a man has no voice,

there, my voice.


Where blacks are beaten,

I can not be dead.

When my brothers go to jail

I shall go with them.


When victory,

not my victory,

but the great victory


even though I am mute I must speak:

I shall see it come even though I am blind.


No, forgive me.

If you are not living,

if you, beloved, my love,

if you

have died,


all the leaves will fall on my breast,

it will rain upon my soul night and day,

the snow will burn my heart,

I shall walk with cold and fire and death and snow,

my feet will want to march toward where you sleep,


I shall go on living,

because you wanted me to be, above all things


and, love, because you know that I am not just one man,

but all men.


~Pablo Neruda